Your First Step Toward 2015 Goals

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar It’s that time of year again when goal-setting is on many people’s minds, including mine. Like most people who set goals mine include several that are fitness related. I’ve had both success and failure at […]

Is triM28 A Fad Diet?

We were sitting in a local restaurant completing our work on triM28. A woman sat down behind me and was speaking on her cell phone as if she was sitting alone at home in her kitchen. I had no problem hearing the details of her conversation. She talked excitedly about a new diet she had […]

Dangers of Belly Fat

We don’t have to use a measuring tape to alert ourselves to a growing issue…. our moving belt notches are warning us of increased belly fat! But did you know that your growing waistline is more than an appearance issue? It can be a sign of dangerous health issues! Belly Fat Concerns Abdominal, or belly […]

No News Is Great News

A seemingly small decision as had a very large impact on my level of motivation, optimism, and success in living a positive life. I decided to fast. Not from food but from news and sports. I stopped checking CNN, FOX, my local online newspaper, and ESPN. I also stopped listening to sports talk radio in […]


Intermittent fasting is one of those topics that evokes strong emotions and argument in the health, fitness, and nutrition worlds. You likely think it can save the planet or lead to an early grave. Last summer I wrote a post on intermittent fasting (IF) and my final statement was: “Even though there are some impressive intermittent […]

Protein Consumption And The Halo Effect

Psychologist Edward Thorndike was the first to coin the term “halo effect”  in 1920. He provided empirical evidence of a cognitive being created when we form an opinion of someone with little actual knowledge. It works like this. We have a favorable overall impression of someone and thereby think all their qualities are favorable even […]

Benefits Of Nuts- Calm Fears

To eat nuts or not to eat nuts that is the question. Nuts have become controversial in recent years. The health benefits of nuts usually gets weighed against the perceived risks of gaining weight. The November 21, 2013 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine published a large observational study of 119,000 men and […]

Causes Of A Funk

I came home from work yesterday and realized that I was in a real funk. I sat down with my wife and did nothing but complain for 15 minutes. I hated my job. I was mad at myself. I was mad at the world. I was in a funk. You know when you don’t feel […]

Respiratory System Facts

Knowing certain respiratory facts may help you maximize your workouts, get trim, and stay healthy. The respiratory system functions primarily in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. As air passes through the nasal cavities perform three functions to the air: warming humidifying purifying Air is distributed to the lungs via the: trachea bronchi bronchioles […]

Flossing and Fitness: When Dan John Speaks

Flossing and fitness? Could there be two things so unrelated? Fitness is all about muscles, getting lean, running marathons, barbells, kettlebells, and treadmills. Flossing is about…. well, your teeth. I wouldn’t have considered writing on such a topic (even though I’m a dentist) since this site is devoted to losing fat, gaining muscle, and staying […]