The Neuromuscular System: Athletes Improve Force Production

The spinal cord sends electrochemical impulses to muscle fibers via motor neurons. This motor neuron will generally have numerous terminal branches at the end of its axon. This means a single motor unit can innervate many different muscle fibers. The whole structure described above is what determines the muscle fiber type and its characteristics, function, […]

Big Biceps And The Sliding Filament Theory

Gyms are full of guys trying to get big biceps. I doubt that many are familiar with the sliding filament theory and that’s understandable. It is a theory to explain muscular contraction. You don’t have to know about it it just might be taking place during the best bicep workouts. Simply put this theory proposes […]

Human Muscular System And A Function of Calcium

The human muscular system is the anatomical system that is most affected by exercise.  It is composed of skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles. We’re going to look closer at skeletal muscle since the contraction and relaxation of these is what helps keep us fit, trim, and healthy. Each of the body’s 430 skeletal muscles contains: […]

Valery Fedorenko’s Two Secret Weapons

Valery Fedorenko is one of my kettlebell heroes. Not only was he instrumental in introducing kettlebells to the United States, he is a world champion kettlebell athlete. It is absolutely amazing what he can do with a kettlebell. Not only does he possess tremendous strength (weighing only 165 lbs. he can 1 Arm Jerk a […]