Valery Fedorenko’s Two Secret Weapons

Valery Fedorenko is one of my kettlebell heroes. Not only was he instrumental in introducing kettlebells to the United States, he is a world champion kettlebell athlete. It is absolutely amazing what he can do with a kettlebell. Not only does he possess tremendous strength (weighing only 165 lbs. he can 1 Arm Jerk a […]

Kettlebell Results and Rocket Science

Your kettlebell results will be greatly affected by the skills you acquire in using them. As I mentioned in the previous post the benefits have been demonstrated by science as well as the personal experience of many people. But using the best kettlebell exercises poorly is certain to disappoint. I had used many different fitness […]

Benefits of Kettlebells Shock Scientists

Kettlebells look more like a door stop than a piece of fitness equipment. Most people would laugh if you told them that many users have changed their bodies and even their lives by using this hunk of iron. The question for us is, are the benefits of kettlebells supported by scientific study? They’ve been called […]