Dangers of Belly Fat

We don’t have to use a measuring tape to alert ourselves to a growing issue…. our moving belt notches are warning us of increased belly fat! But did you know that your growing waistline is more than an appearance issue? It can be a sign of dangerous health issues! Belly Fat Concerns Abdominal, or belly […]


Intermittent fasting is one of those topics that evokes strong emotions and argument in the health, fitness, and nutrition worlds. You likely think it can save the planet or lead to an early grave. Last summer I wrote a post on intermittent fasting (IF) and my final statement was: “Even though there are some impressive intermittent […]

Protein Consumption And The Halo Effect

Psychologist Edward Thorndike was the first to coin the term “halo effect”  in 1920. He provided empirical evidence of a cognitive being created when we form an opinion of someone with little actual knowledge. It works like this. We have a favorable overall impression of someone and thereby think all their qualities are favorable even […]

Benefits Of Nuts- Calm Fears

To eat nuts or not to eat nuts that is the question. Nuts have become controversial in recent years. The health benefits of nuts usually gets weighed against the perceived risks of gaining weight. The November 21, 2013 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine published a large observational study of 119,000 men and […]

Intermittent Fasting Results: Shocking

Intermittent fasting results have been so impressive  that its just hard to not give  an intermittent fasting plan a try. As I mentioned in a previous post, that’s exactly what I did. My results weren’t so impressive because I didn’t even make it to day 2. Intermittent fasting (IF) for weight loss is praised by […]

Intermittent Fasting Diet: I Bombed

I bombed when I tried a popular intermittent fasting diet. I don’t like to fail at something but I bombed at intermittent fasting (IF) and I bombed very quickly. After reading so many intermittent fasting success stories, I was very disappointed. IF is one of the latest and according to some, the greatest, in diet […]

Whey Protein, Gold Standard or Expensive Counterfeit?

Whey protein, Gold Standard of all the protein supplements, is it everything “they” say it is? If you think the previous post was confusing, just do a little research into whey protein supplements. How about these differing opinions found on a single internet forum thread: “Whey protein is a scam! It’s a highly toxic industrial […]

What Supplements Should I Take? Five Experts Answer

What supplements should I take? Most people who start working out and taking health and fitness seriously eventually ask this question. If you question how frequently this question is asked then google it (not now, but when you finish reading this article, please). Actually I can save you some time by giving you some of […]

Losing Belly Fat: Doctors and Dieting

Losing belly fat may now take place in pharmacies and operating rooms more than gyms, running trails, and swimming pools. The American Medical Association recently created quite a stir with its controversial proclamation that obesity is a disease. We already knew that it was present in epidemic proportions but now it is officially an infirmity […]

Muscles, Meals, and Motivation

Several months ago I was sitting in our local coffee shop with a couple of friends. I sat and watched the line grow as customers waited on their preferred specialty coffee beverages. As each latte was taken from the barista the reality of the obesity epidemic was confirmed. This is one statistic the United States […]