Is triM28 A Fad Diet?

trim28We were sitting in a local restaurant completing our work on triM28. A woman sat down behind me and was speaking on her cell phone as if she was sitting alone at home in her kitchen. I had no problem hearing the details of her conversation. She talked excitedly about a new diet she had started to follow.

I sent an email clear across the table to make sure Christen could hear the conversation since she was working with ear phones in. She had already locked into this woman’s giddiness over a diet that Christen is very familiar with.

“You don’t mix carbs and fat…. and it’s based on 10 years of research!” this fad follower exclaimed.

It got me to thinking about fads in general. Why are we drawn to them?

Duke University professors, Dan Ariely and Cathy Davidson, write that “fads are becoming more and more prevalent.” They go on to say that this is fueled by social media’s popularity.

Their definition of a fad is, “a short-lived enthusiasm that generally has three parts: the emerging or beginning, then surging in popularity, then purging or collapsing.” That very accurately describes fads in the diet and fitness areas.

These Duke University professors also make this observation about diets: “Perhaps they are merely reactions to the failure of previous diets.”

Martin Downs, MPH, in this article for WebMD makes this observation about fad diets: “It seems that just about every week brings a new diet craze. From low-fat to low-carb to food combining, the diets come and go in the magazines and on the best-seller lists. Some prove lastingly popular, but many go the way of the latest dance fad. (Anyone remember the macarena? How about the cabbage soup diet?)”

He next writes  those words that fad diet authors and followers alike don’t want to hear: “Meanwhile, dietitians keep giving the sensible advice they’ve been advocating for years: To lose weight, we need to eat less and exercise more.”

There is certainly a great deal of truth behind the words “eat less and exercise more.” But we would prefer different wording. We would word it this way: To lose weight, we need to eat better and exercise efficiently.”

We didn’t write triM28 to be another fad diet and fitness program. We wrote it to help you eat better and exercise more efficiently. The meals plans are doable as are the workouts.

You won’t be eating lettuce or exotic dishes. Nor will you be living in the gym. The meals  you eat are common and easy to find. In fact you’ll be eating foods for 28 days that you’ll be eating the rest of your life.

The exercises require no equipment. You’ll spend 5 minutes warming up, 18 minutes doing bodyweight exercises, and 5 minutes cooling down. All of the exercises are scalable to all fitness levels.

At triM we focus on lifelong habits not fads that come and go. In fact you could take triM28 and turn this 4-week program into your lifelong plan for fitness.

As I listened to the woman in the restaurant describe her fad diet I wondered how long could she follow such a plan. Is it really feasible to not combine carbs and fat the rest of your life? What do you do when you crash and stop following such an extreme plan?

You either find another fad or start following a sensible plan that works.

TriM28 is not a fad. It is a 4-week plan to get you on the path to being trim, fit, and healthy.